Rober Todak’s favorite “welcome to San Diego” moment wasn’t when he was greeted by a bunch if suits looking to get in on the action at Downtown’s Hard Rock Hotel, but when he went to Sea World for a charity gala and instead of Buffy the buxom blonde ending up in his lap, it was Buffy the sea otter.

Welcome, indeed. But that’s Todak, surprisingly down-to-earth for the jet-setter who helped launch the Hard Rock Hotel in Chicago and hung out with the likes of J Lo and U2 at The Delano in Miami. And he’s bringing that VIP know-how to the S.D’s Rocker haunt, puttin in a chic live music venue and paging Rande Gerber for the rooftop’s Sweetwater Lounge and the lobby’s Saloon.

Oh, and lest we forget sushi icon Nobu! We may not be lap otters, but come this holiday season, Todak is certainly our Santa.